Quickly recharge electric vehicles (EVs) at home or the workplace with state-of-the-art charging solutions from Georgia’s Electric Charge (GEC). 

We bring an innovative charging platform that streamlines the optimization of managing charging stations taking special consideration to excellent customer service. Our top priority is to suggest the best solution for your location, simplify the installation of charging stations, and oversee your network with the latest technology and 24/7 consultative customer support.

What Georgia’s Electric Charge (GEC) Has to Offer

GEC proactively manages your charging station’s health and dependability. To ensure station reliability, we use pulse rate to evaluate station connectivity and uptime.

Our customers get professional assistance whenever and wherever you need it with GEC’s round-the-clock customer service support. Both you and your EV drivers can use our in-house application to provide outstanding customer service and receive regular updates, such as CSAT surveys.

Furthermore, you have complete control over the charging station. This includes setting up your sales prices and monitoring station and usage performance in real time.

Our optimized software includes a dedicated Customer Success Manager feature that suggests best practices and strategic evaluations. We will also assist you in taking advantage of favorable rebates and incentives available through your federal or state sustainability programs.

Revisiting Competitive Difference

With GEC, clients have the flexibility and option since the software has an “open source” system. It allows the network to communicate with more than 17 different charging station manufacturers. 

One can smoothly swap charging stations within the network, allowing a streamlined way to future-proof your asset.

Georgia’s Electric Charge (GEC) brings you more than just the software to ensure the charging stations have the best uptime. With over two decades of experience, GEC is here to make EV charging easy with 24/7 top-of-the-line customer service.

Revenue Share Program

The Revenue Share program is GEC’s most recommended for its customers. It has rebate benefits that enable customers to save and optimize their profits from their EV charging stations.