Georgia’s Electric Charge (GEC) has a state-of-the-art software platform that lets you choose your preferred charging station. Below are some of the popular options approved by many states and utility incentive programs. All stations are powered by GEC’s management software, guaranteeing ultimate uptime, all backed by 24/7 reliable customer support.

PowerCharge Charging Stations

– Energy Commercial Series

The Energy Commercial Series gives you a durable and slim design that is outdoor-rated with numerous mounting setups. It has a small footprint, hence can be mounted on the wall or pedestal. It delivers 8x faster than a standard 110v plug and safely brings up to 25 miles of driving range for an hour of charge time. It comes with a 3-year warranty.

EvoCharge Charging Station

– Level 2 

Level 2 has a network connection through 4G LTE or Wi-Fi. It is perfect for outdoor use, and you can mount it on a pedestal or wall. It is up to 7.7. kW and has a tightly incorporated EV charging solution that optimizes uptime. With the Charge Up LA Program, customers can receive a rebate of $4,000 to $5,000 for every charging station.

EVBox Charging Stations

– Business Line L2 Charger

Business Line L2 Charger is up to 7.7 kW and compatible with almost every electric vehicle in the market. It is shockproof and weatherproof. You can mount it on your pedestal or wall for more effortless charging.

– Iqon L2 Charger

Iqon L2 Charger has 7.2 kW per connector and a dual port. It is exclusively for pedestal mounting, with its 8″ slim design and colored screen.

– Ultroniq DCFC

The Ultroniq DCFC sets the optimal current level by effectively distributing power. It is up to 350-500 kW of continuous power supply. It optimally powers between connectors and is perfect for fleet vehicle charging and short-stop locations.

BTC Charging Stations

– AC Level 2 30A 

AC Level 2 30A chargers can be mounted on a wall or a pedestal. It is available in a 7″ colored screen, 7.2kW or 9l.6kW for every charging port, and has an 18 or 25 feet retractor.

– 50kW/100kW DCFC

50kW/100kW DCFC charges have an integrated cord retractor, dual ports, a 15″ colored screen, and 50kW slim or 100kW power outputs.