EV Charging for Your Business

Having an electric car, or EV, has recently become more desirable, thanks to industrial improvements in the EV industry. These automobiles are both excellent for the environment and good for the wallet.

The more EVs there are in the market, the more EVs become cheaper, which makes it  perfect for anyone bearing in mind the benefits of using such an automobile. However, one significant concern about EV purchasing is the range of driving or range anxiety. 

Most electric vehicle users still want the ability to expand their driving range by recharging their vehicles at various charging stations while traveling. Unfortunately, electric car charging facilities are still not as prevalent as standard petrol stations.

Knowing this issue, wise business owners are putting in extra effort to strategize in order to thrive in the EV market. They’ve been busy installing EV chargers at their commercial properties. As a result, businesses that provide EV charging are becoming more well-known.

With numerous websites and apps that help EV users find charging stations, finding these businesses has never been more effortless. Enterprises that offer EV charging stations not only help boost their customer branding by appearing more eco-friendly, but they are also inviting potential loyal customers that drive EVs.

If you want to be one of those entrepreneurs, GEC provides some options you must consider. Take note that EV chargers come in three Levels. Level 1 uses the standard household 120v outlet. It is the method that takes the longest, wherein getting a full charge can take up to 24 hours or even longer, depending on the EV. Level 2 is in the middle since it can supply twice as much voltage at 240v, ensuring a faster charge. 

So far, Level 3 or DC Fast Charging is the most rapid charging station available to consumers. One can fully charge your vehicle in about 30 minutes; however, they are costly and impractical for most EV charger owners, and not all cars can charge at Level 3 level. However, if you are a business owner, Level 3 may be your best option since it guarantees efficient, convenient, and quick charging, which is very attractive to consumers.

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