Are you planning to go green? Or are you about to purchase an electric vehicle? Georgia’s Electric Charge (GEC) is here to make your installation efficient and quick! We can make the process extremely easy for you.

When you switch to an electric vehicle (EV), you need a power source to keep up with the car’s electric needs. GEC can install an electric vehicle charging station in your home for convenience when you need to recharge your EV. Our technicians are friendly and knowledgeable about electric vehicles.

Advantages of an Electric Vehicle (EV)

There are various benefits an electric vehicle can give to consumers and the community. Some of such includes helping the environment. By driving an electric car, you are consuming less fuel and producing fewer emissions which is highly beneficial to the environment’s welfare.

One can also enjoy decreased maintenance since EVs do not use oil to run engines. Hence, no need for oil changes. Lastly, users can save money since EVs do not use gasoline.

What Can Georgia’s Electric Charge (GEC) Provide?

GEC technicians will provide a tutorial on operating the electric vehicle chargers and warranties. Upon installation of the electric vehicle chargers, the team will perform a test run to ensure all equipment is working perfectly. Our technicians can also upgrade your electrical system by installing a new dedicated circuit for the charger.

When installing electric vehicle chargers, our team will inspect equipment to ensure everything is working correctly. A complete inspection of the site shall also ensure that the manufacturer’s specifications are followed for your safety and to keep any warranty valid.

GEC can assist you with the following services:

  • Conducting electrical inspections to ensure the highest level of safety
  • Making sure the electric vehicle charging station is up and working properly
  • Selecting the right EV charger/EVSE for your needs
  • Upgrading your home’s electrical panel if needed, and
  • Ensuring your home’s electrical panel is appropriately equipped to handle your EV charger.