Go further with Georgia’s Electric Charge (GEC). We provide every electric vehicle (EV) needed by the government, auto dealers, giant corporations, small businesses, retail industry, employers, residential homes, and many more.


Electric vehicles go beyond the road. Georgia’s Electric Charge (GEC) is dedicated to expanding the electric vehicle infrastructure for all Georgians and providing incentives. 

Fueling an electric vehicle (EV) usually costs hugely less than a gasoline-powered vehicle. Hence, people save lots of money in the long run. These automobiles also help protect the health of citizens and safeguard the environment from climate change and toxic chemicals that are bad for the planet.


Installing electric vehicle charging stations in your parking area relieves the environment of contaminants while conserving its resources. These EV charging stations can further foster sustainability since one will provide another place for EV owners or users to charge their vehicles. 

These devices may also give your building or parking lot a more appealing impression since people will see that you are taking action to go green and may become more willing to support your business. The charging stations can also encourage other people to shift to electric vehicles. 


Increase your retail business’s exposure and bring in potential loyal customers by investing in electric vehicle charging stations. 

EV charging stations can be one method to increase the customers’ awareness of your business. Individuals may search online for locations that offer electric vehicle charging services wherein your company can stand out among rivals since it promotes environmental sustainability and going green.


Georgia’s Electric Charge (GEC) caters to multi-family needs by providing EV chargers for townhomes, condominiums, apartments, and the like.

Auto Dealerships

Offering EV charging stations has many benefits for both dealerships and customers. EV charging stations can significantly help educate customers about these alternatives while at the dealership, thus providing an excellent method to keep customers by adding value to EVs.


Increase your employees’ satisfaction and sustainability awareness through electric vehicle charging stations. There will be employees using EVs, which will be a great way to make them feel valued. Such a decision can also encourage other personnel to shift to the safest and cheapest alternative option.

Home Owners

Installing an EV charger at your residences is now affordable and easy. Thanks to Georgia’s Electric Charge (GEC).