Georgia is now the nation’s sixth-largest Electric Vehicle (EV) charging market. More companies and drivers are shifting to the electric vehicle industry which has cheaper ownership fees and offers cleaner emissions. The Make Ready Program (MRP) of Georgia equips companies to fulfill the rising demands of electric vehicle charging.

The program seeks to terminate the most significant financial difficulty of electric charger installation at your place. It is done by maintaining, owning, and installing the charging structure. By eliminating upfront costs for setup, one can concentrate on the charging structure that best matches the business. 

Georgia’s Electric Charge (GEC) can help you select the correct charging paraphernalia that suits your needs!

Preparing For the Growing Electric Vehicle (EV) Market

The future of the electric vehicle industry is advancing as many automobile makers extend their collections of EVs. The total ownership cost for an EV is usually less than a gasoline-driven car. Thus, people are buying more EVs as an economical option. Prepare your place for onsite charging and start reaping the advantages, namely:

  • Contemporizing your enterprise to sustain a growing market of passenger and fleet autos
  • Helping the sustainability standards of employees, tenants, and customers
  • Assisting your company to attain a clean energy scheme via decarbonization
  • Exemplifying community innovation and leadership.

Who is Eligible for the Make Ready Program?

Various electric technologies qualify for Georgia’s Make Ready Program, specifically eTru (truck refrigeration), forklifts, planes/ground support equipment, jockey truck, short-haul heavy-duty, short-haul and long-haul delivery, refrigerated container racks, transit/school buses, and passenger vehicles.

Benefits of Shifting Your Fleet into The Electrical Vehicles Market

Transforming your fleet into the EV category benefits your company in several ways. We will team up with you in creating a strategy for fleet adaptation and assist you in determining the EV charging systems required to sustain the shift to EVs for your types of equipment. Some of the many benefits of fleet conversion are as follows:

  • Assisting the company in achieving its sustainability pursuits
  • Electric vehicles may last longer than non-electric ones
  • Operational efficiencies, such as decreased downtime and labor cost-savings
  • A substantial decline in maintenance and fuel costs.

How To Apply for Georgia’s Make Ready Program?

Determine how many charging stations you need, or you can contact us, and we will help you review your project. Contact our staff and ask for an application form. In your form, enlist GEC as your preferred installer. Then, contact us while providing the date you chose in the application, your contact number, and your complete legal name.