Our mission here at Georgia’s Electric Charge (GEC) is to work effectively and efficiently. We explore advancement opportunities and strive to excel in every project we work on. We also promise to provide outstanding service to our customers from start to finish on every project.

We persevere in building long-term significance for our staff, partners, and customers. And, we value creating a family workplace that will ultimately make the community a better place to live in. Ultimately, we are committed to taking projects from conception to completion while exceeding all expectations.


GEC is more than just your average electrical contractor. We strive to develop a plan that materializes your specific project goals and needs. 

To deliver the desired results, we have proficient and knowledgeable project managers and estimators who are exceptional in devising and articulating a precise, straightforward, and practical project plan.


GEC is composed of an experienced crew of construction electricians and managers who will be with you all the way. We have excelled in employing energy-efficient design methods and delivering cost savings for developers and consumers. Transparency and safety are the foundations of our company. We want to get the job done precisely and quickly the very first time.


To see our plan come to fruition at GEC, we set clear priorities one at a time. It enables us to stay focused and bring exceptional quality to our work. 

Moreover, we intend to maintain ongoing communication with our customers to guarantee that goals and objectives are met on time. Our highly qualified electricians will constantly update you on the installation or repair progress. We put extra value on cleanliness, courtesy, and punctuality. We adhere to safety protocols and practices at our core. 

Here at Georgia’s Electric Charge, your satisfaction is our top priority!