net metering and solar panel

What is Net Metering? The Definite Guide

So, what is Net Metering? It’s a billing and energy policy concept that has revolutionized the usage of solar power in many parts of the world. It allows individuals and businesses with solar energy systems to generate their own electricity and connect to the public grid.
Beyond what they consume, their solar panels’ excess energy is fed back into the grid. In return, these producers receive net metering credits, offsetting their electricity costs. This makes solar power a more viable and attractive option. This introduction of net metering programs has been …

Concept of car battery not used in winter

How to Keep Car Battery From Dying When Not in Use in Winter

Winter is a beautiful season but it can be harsh on your vehicle’s battery. When the mercury drops, the chemical reactions within the battery slow down, leading to a decrease in voltage and making it more challenging for the battery to deliver the necessary electrical charge to start the car.
To avoid this frustrating situation, here are some practical tips on keeping your car battery from dying when not in use during the winter months.
Drive Your Car Regularly

EV Charging for Your Business

Having an electric car, or EV, has recently become more desirable, thanks to industrial improvements in the EV industry. These automobiles are both excellent for the environment and good for the wallet.
The more EVs there are in the market, the more EVs become cheaper, which makes it  perfect for anyone bearing in mind the benefits of using such an automobile. However, one significant concern about EV purchasing is the range of driving or range anxiety. 

Costs of Electric Vehicle (EV) DC Chargers

The demand for DC fast charging posts/stations increases rapidly as electric vehicles (EVs) are continually being well-known. Business proprietors, hotels, retail malls, fleet operators, and car dealerships are installing DC chargers or Level 3 EV chargers. 
DC fast charging systems exemplify a commitment to taking care of the environment, additional benefits to personnel or guests, and greater convenience. Many factors affect the …

Are Electric Vehicles (EVs) Better For The Environment?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are generally safer and better for the environment than those Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles (ICEVs). With much appreciation for government subsidies and competitive car markets, EVs are evolving to be more inexpensive and worthwhile. 
Many want to live greener lives, and the environmental factor often motivates them to ditch traditional vehicles and go for EVs. Additionally, EVs are very fashionable and fun to drive.