Costs of Electric Vehicle (EV) DC Chargers

The demand for DC fast charging posts/stations increases rapidly as electric vehicles (EVs) are continually being well-known. Business proprietors, hotels, retail malls, fleet operators, and car dealerships are installing DC chargers or Level 3 EV chargers. 

DC fast charging systems exemplify a commitment to taking care of the environment, additional benefits to personnel or guests, and greater convenience. Many factors affect the total expense of an EV DC fast charger installation and purchase. 

Below are some of the things you need to consider in investing in DC chargers:


Several programs can help offset equipment fees, installation expenses, or both. Do not hesitate to contact Georgia’s Electric Charge (GEC) for further information about programs you may qualify for. They are most willing to help you with that.


The closer you are to the electrical infrastructure, the cheaper your installation costs will be. 

Electrical Infrastructure 

It would help to consider your existing electrical structure if you are a site manager/operator/owner. 

While these chargers deliver a quicker charge, they would need much more energy. The majority of EV DC chargers require a 480 V/3 to function correctly. Some of these DC chargers can run on a single or 208 V/3 phase, but are bound to 50kW electric power output or less.

If one desires to invest in high-power EV DC chargers, they require more than 500A of 480 V/3. Additionally, should the business ought to be hands-on in acquiring added electric energy to the location, it can increase the expenses because of the considerable time involved.

Charger Output Level

DC chargers can power 20kW to above 350kW, depending on the application and model they are built. Expenditures for these units can vary from $15,000 to over $150,000 for the highest power output units. Some chargers can power two vehicles simultaneously, but others may demand additional units to provide that comfort.

It is critical to note that EV DC chargers necessitate extra know-how and mastery to choose and install. One may want to be confident in their charging station choice, and GEC is here to support you. We are the experts when it comes to DC chargers and can bring you numerous solutions to your satisfaction.

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